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Cavitation+Laser Pads(noninvasive lipo)

  • 1 hour
  • Brookwood Valley Circle Northeast

Service Description

Cavitation Is a non-invasive procedure that uses high levels of ultrasonic waves to break down and liquefy fat cells the below the dermis,Permanently destroying the fat cell membrane without causing damage to surrounding tissues or organs. Once liquefies cells eliminated through your Lymphatic drainage system to your urine, feces and sweat.Results are seen immediately up to seven days. This service also Includes Noninvasive laser Laser Lipo pads treatment. Similar to cavitation ,laser Lipo pads break down and liquefy fat cells plus a few more benefit As the laser is moved over treated areas, it disrupts the membranes of fat cells and causes them to break down. The fat cells themselves are not removed, but the contents within the cells that create their shape – water, sugar, and free fatty acids – are released. These are then cycled through the body’s metabolic processes and used as energy. The reaction created by non invasive laser lipo is done naturally within the body when it utilizes stored energy reserves, making it a safe and effective process that will not disturb natural function. The result may be tighter skin, loss of inches in the waistline, skin rejuvenation, and cellulite reduction. This option is available for plan members only because you have to be very consistent to see maximum results. Everyone is different. The length of your journey with Sta Beautiful cannot be estimated until you do a video consultation. Please book a video consultation.

Cancellation Policy

Please wear mask. No extra people. If you NO Show or cancel your appointment or more then 15 minutes late your appointment will get cancelad and you will have to pay A $20 rescheduling fee . You can only reschedule online under option "Reschedule Missed appointment". Please reschedule within 30 days of Missed Or Cancelled appointment. You can only use one paid coupon a year. NO refunds on coupons once booked. Please don't arrive more then 10 minutes early. I really appreciate you following the policy it is enforced to make everything safe and fair for everyone. Thank you so much for choosing Sta Beautiful for your Noninvasive Body Contouring needs.

Contact Details

  • 5138158871

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