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Sta Beautiful At Home

Sta Beautiful now offers booty in a box for you to achieve your own enhancement treatment from the comfort of your home. Thats right you can get the equipment and training to perform your noninvasive treatments on yourself. We will have a webinar demonstration how to perform this noninvasive treatments on yourself. During this demonstration you will gain the knowledge on how you can perform a noninvasive treatment on yourself. To achieve these results are home you will need to purchase equipment included in the booty in a box. The box will include the vacuum enhancement machine, measuring tape, upkeep exercises, free printout on how to safely  operate the machine. Our Booty in A Box will be available to the public 11/25/22 but now available for preorder now.


Some key things we will go over in webinar

  • Get clarification on exactly what is Noninvasive Body Contouring

  • Learn what equipment you will need to achieve your results

  • Learn techniques to get the best results on yourself.

Here's a quick demonstration on how to use one of our wood tool available at 
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If you are interested in learning how you can perform at home treatments on yourself please summit your info below.

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